Senior Recital

I am having my senior recital on May 24th, at 1 pm, in Kresge Recital hall. I am truly excited to share my pieces that I have been writing these past couple terms, and some of my favorite jazz standards.

Also, I am extremely grateful to have some of my best friends and teachers join me. Gus Martini was the first musician I met at Knox, and I have grown with him throughout my four years. Through the Knox Jazz Ensemble, Cherry Street combo, and various other music groups, I have learned so much with him and had fun while doing it. I cannot wait to see what he does next.

Lindsay Smith is a vocalist and musician who constantly surprises and inspires me. Working with her these past four years has led me to new sounds and ideas. I am grateful she is singing my songs and lyrics for this recital.

Andy Crawford has been my guitar teacher, bass teachers, combo leader, and fellow musician on many gigs. I am greatly indebted to his work at Knox, and he has encouraged me at every performance.

Jason Brannon is my drum teacher and has been my fellow musician on many gigs. His library of musical knowledge never fails to impress me, and I am so grateful to have him playing the drums for my recital.

I will be having this recital recorded, but there is nothing like being there live to hear the music in the moment. See you then!